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  • I have an Acer EasyStore Home Server with 3*2TB drives + 1*1TB system drive - all SATA - all installed when I got the home server.


    Ever since I got the home server, it would disconnect randomly in the middle of heavy transfers. This would not happen at the same point every time in the transfers, it was random and seemed to happen more frequently with more IOs. The transfer of multiple files would pause at this point and would not continue until I clicked "skip." At this point, the rest of the files would transfer, but the one file that was transferring while it disconnected would not be transferred properly. All my client PCs are Windows 7 x64 connected via gigabit.


    I've been reading around as drives being mistakenly seen in PIO mode, which is for legacy IDE drives. All my drives are SATA and the home server only has SATA connections, but when I check the device manager --> drive properties --> details, all drives are listed as IDE. I dont have a graphics port on the home server and I thought we were never expected to connect it to a monitor, so I don't get why some people are saying we need to mess with the BIOS. Restarting the clients and the server does not change anything.


    (1) How can I make sure that these drives are not in PIO mode?

    (2) Why would SATA drives ever go into PIO mode if that is for legacy IDE drives?

    (3) Is there any way I can fix it so that the drives don't disconnect due to high IO? 

    Tuesday, August 10, 2010 10:32 PM