can I use my old xp64 key if I am not using it anymore RRS feed

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  • A few months ago I purchased and installed xp prof 64bit on my business desktop, now I would like to try the trial for win7 pro64 to see if it will be more helpful in my business.  My question are:
    1.  Can I then install my xp 64 bit OS on my business laptop (I am changing it over from vista) since I will not be using the xp64 key anymore on my desktop? I realize I can not have it on both and will most likely not be going back to XP64 on my desktop.
    2.  Should I wipe my desktop when I do the Win 7 64bit trial so as not to interfere with the installation on the laptop
    Thanks for your time in answering this,
    S. Johnson

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    Monday, January 4, 2010 8:54 PM