Microsoft Canada telephone support advises me to pay for tech support regarding not "Validating." RRS feed

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    I was on the telephone an hour ago.

    I advised the MS support screener guy that I am now operating a "NOT Valid" version of Vista Ultimate after a attempt at reinstalling DirectX 9c.


    I am advised I will be connected to tech support for $45.00


    The MS Tech Support screener person won't simply advise me there is a problem with validation and servers at this time.


    I googled further and varied the google search words and found this forum.


    I "was" mucking with the situation late last night for hours.

    I thought the "Info Bar" was missing and I could not authorize the ActiveX control for validation.

    I "was" going to reformat and reinstall.


    I have had buggy problems with Vista since June 15th when I commenced operating it.

    Everytime I have reformatted and resinstalled I have been forced to telephone Microsoft and do the +/- 1 hour telephone activations.

    The hours and days of mucking thru the mire of "stuff" that is a waste of productive time is  tiresome.


    The matter of the requirements for reformats is varied; mostly it is required because MS is changing stuff that has been the norm in all previous operating systems. - we are not advised and this causes problems.


    If anybody in MS is reading this... do us all a service and stop changing basic outlays and standardized systems that the billions of PC operators have invested years of their lives becoming adept at.



    There is another gripe...


    We want the ability to install a internet browser/client that is not MS.

    Anybody attempted to install a second non Microsoft internet browser in Vista?

    I suggest out of curiousity one attempt that.

    You can't even download it and or the installer executable is blocked from executing...!


    The beneath substandard customer service today when a MS support person attempted to charge me $45 for a tech support referral regarding the global Validation problem is unacceptable.





    Saturday, August 25, 2007 7:01 PM