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  • Since Microsoft has cost me at least 2-3 hours over the past month trying to "Activate" two different computers I am wondering if there is any service available without this big circular stress test you have created. Last month, I had to replace a CAD stations hard disk. It took me less time to install and format a new disk install windows XP, Solidworks and Office THAN IT TOOK TO ACTIVATE THE WINDOWS. Same Product Key, same computer, new hard disk. Three calls to India hung up once because no matter how many times the young lady repeated things I could not understand her. After 90 minutes finally got a gentleman in the US and was running 15 minutes later.

    On the current system I have an older Sony that was running so slowly I decided to backup reformat and reload the hard disk. BIG MISTAKE. Again a computer I bought new and simply reloaded will not activate. Again call India, call someone else finally a fellow says I must reload the XP using the original "rebuild disks that came with the computer and throw away the installation that works fine except for activation.

    I own a small business with 15 computers including a SBS. I am very careful that none of my employees violates any EULAs. I have no interest in trying to beat anyone out of $100 for an operating system on computers with $6000 CAD packages. If Microsoft has to make it this complicated I guess I should start buying Apple stock. 

    PS i gave up trying to activate the second computer for now; maybe I can make one of my employees do it. You have access to every computer in my company why can't you issue a "Clean User" Code so those of us who are can avoid these time wasting exercises.

    Respectfully A very unhappy customer and former VAR.



    Friday, March 18, 2011 11:55 AM