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  • Hi, I have a home-built WHS. Have four drives, all SATA, primary is a WD 150GB Raptor, others are one Hitachi 1TB, one Samsung 1TB, one Seagate 1.5TB drive (with fixed firmware). I've just added a second 1.5TB to replace one of the 1TB drives (the Samsung, it will become part of external backup), cancel is greyed out, the green bar is under the 's' in 'Removing disk', and perfmon is reporting 7 +- 0.5 megabytes per second transfer rate from the samsung to one of the seagates.

    At which point I went, "Wait, what? Since when is 7MB/s "normal" for copying between two SATA drives? These things should be an order of magnitude faster!" So I hit the forums, and see a couple of year-old threads on slow drive removal that give a few ideas. Dual-core CPU is barely above idle, check. 2GB RAM is about 70% free, check. Disk queue length is low, check. Ok, now what? *cue chirping crickets*

    Eventually, under Device Manager, Disk Drives, check the properties of each drive... and ticked "Enable write caching" under Policies for the new drive. Clicked OK and the window sat there for about ten seconds, then it's gone and perfmon's disk transfer graph has jumped to eighty megabytes per second. Now that's more like it!

    Just thought I should mention this as something to check if anyone else has the same problem. Perhaps WHS PP3 or WHS2 could check for write-caching status automatically and warn the user if it's off? I mean, if you're utterly paranoid about data integrity, you might want it off, but otherwise...
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