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  • "At the start of the project, which was in mid 2006 sometime, the Word menus Insert | Ink Comment and Insert | Ink Drawing and Writing were present, and worked, because I used them.  At some point during 2007 they disappeared from the menu, but now they are back again, although they do not work: selecting either of these options has no effect whatsoever!
    A colleague tells me that there should also be a toolbar for the stylus, allowing the setting of pen colour, thickness, and so on, but I cannot now get this to come up either (View | Toolbars - but there is nothing in the list that is for the stylus). 
    Incidentally, I am not a novice Word user, having been using it for at least 18 years, and being pretty well up on menu structure, keyboard shortcuts and so on.  I don't normally have any toolbars showing as I rarely need them, mail merge is the only exception).  On my desktop PC I don't even have the menu showing most of the time (Full screen mode) as they are all available anyway at the touch of the Alt key + whatever, and I prefer to have as large an area of document showing as possible."


    This from a user at the OU - can anyone advise please?  Thanks



    Wednesday, January 16, 2008 9:33 AM