They don't appear thumbnails of my posts on the lists of blogs of other blogs (Blogger blog). RRS feed

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  • I use to edit post on my Blogger blog with Windows Live Writer. I fully compose the post with pictures and everything. By posting, entries are created and display correctly.
    The problem is that in the lists of blogs from other blogs my new post appear correctly, the title, text, but not the thumbnail (I know that this other blogs they have mine in their blog list with the option display thumbnails activatetd).
    I know that when editing entries from blogger it creates a folder with photos in Picasa. In my case, to publish my post edited with Windows Live Writer, the photos are stored in a picasa folder created by writer.
    When I create the post directly in blogger the thumbnails appear, and I see that the address of the thumbnail is in blogspot, so I guess the photo is in Picasa and also is in another place (blogspot) ad list the thumbnail.
    Is there a way to edit and publish posts with writer and create links or some configuration in writer in some way, so that also the thumbnails are displayed in the list of blogs of others blogs?
    Monday, September 14, 2009 6:19 PM