Making .NET Applications is just like making HTML documents RRS feed

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  • tools are available for download from the internet, which source code can be browsed like seen HTML source code;

    which means, that Visual Studio like a WebBrowser was able to produce the required structure and effects,
    but it where not said that the instructions created through code are easily to be read by others;

    which means, like creating 3D films, that have Textures,3D models are only seen the rendered result as a film;
    the compiled programs had no security for the constructed instructions to be usable like watching a film;

    which means, anything that are not seem by the final user of the Application\"Film" can be learned and produced by using Visual Studio, and not decompiling the applications;

    which means, also by opening a .exe file with visual studio, some structures can be seen like resources and metadata;

    so, what is going on? there are the first thing to know before build projects at the computer;

    Monday, July 22, 2019 11:58 PM

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  • What?

    Regards Les, Livingston, Scotland

    Tuesday, July 23, 2019 12:26 AM
  • so, what is going on?

    What are you talking about?

    Tuesday, July 23, 2019 1:23 AM