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    What about limited PVR capability? My understanding is Homeserver will be introduced to consumers possibly as a hardware based solution. Since the server is headless and acts as a storage site for videos, music and pictures, why not include direct support for a FM tuner or TV tuner to allow for copying directly from media sources to the corresponding storage shares for those media types with very limited user interaction. This could be used for personal back-up, and not copyright infringement. The main display could be set up in a fashion any novice user with a remote could accomplish these basic tasks and would allow for a home server to be directly integrated into a "connected" home and share out the media to all connected computers and media extenders. Advanced users could then use the web interface to tweak the basic configurations, but novices could accomplish desirable tasks right out of the box.


    Saturday, March 10, 2007 8:09 PM


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