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    I have deployed successfully OCS2007 in my internal network composed by a forest with multiple domains.

    We have a root domain , named a.contoso.com  , and a child domain b.contoso.com.

    The enterprise server edition has been deployed in the child domain b.contoso.com and for securitiy reasons the service accounts running on the OCS server have to reside in the root domain a.contoso.com.

    The problem is that when i specified at the setup wizzard the account A\RTCService for example (account in the root domain), for the activation of the server role, i get a message error to NOT SPECIFY A DOMAIN NAME for the service account.

    I deployed the server using B\RTCService account (account in the child domain) and it works fine.

    However for security reason as said above, i need those OCS accounts to reside in the root domain a.contoso.com.

    After positionning the good rights for the accounts, I tried the procedure for changing the service name through the command line and following procedure: Stopping services / Deactivating the servers . Then reactivating the servers with following command:

    lcscmd  /MCU:  servername.b.contoso.com /Action:Activate /Role:ee /poolname: poolocs2007 /password: password /user: b\RTCService


    I get the following error message

    ERROR (0xC3EC782F): Invalid service account name format. Please specify account
    name only, without domain (spaces not allowed).


    Is there anyway to use service accounts that are not in the same domain the one where reside the OCS 2007 servers???


    Help would be greatly appreciated as i cant find any info relating to this kind of issue..

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008 2:15 PM

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    Sorry the command line for reactivating the servers with the service user in the parent domain is :


    lcscmd  /MCU:  servername.b.contoso.com /Action:Activate /Role:ee /poolname: poolocs2007 /password: password /user: a\RTCService     (a being the root domain name).


    Any help on this ?


    Thanks in advance

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008 1:43 PM