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  • We're new to CRM 4.0 so this may be an easy question, but we've struggled with it for two days.

    We have a marketing list of Leads. Our consultant used that list to send a Letter via a Quick Campaign. Each lead now has an activity reflecting that letter. The marketing list now has additional people added, so we want to do an Advanced Find to locate any new leads who have NOT received the letter. However, when I set up an Advanced Find with a "Look For" set to Leads and a search criteria of "Letters (Regarding)" where the Subject of the letter contains the string with our letter's subject line, no results are returned. I was expecting to see all leads that DID receive the letter with this query. We were going to use that as the starting point for finding the leads who haven't received the letter.

    So, two questions:
    How can I identify leads who have received a letter (or any other activity generated by a Quick Campaign)
    How can I find leads who were not involved in a Quick Campaign?

    Thursday, November 13, 2008 4:23 PM


  • How can I identify leads who have received a letter


    Try this by opening the Marketing List and selecting Manage Members.  Select the option to remove Members.  You might want to create a copy of your existing Marketing list first and test this to see if it is working as expected.


    Select Leads

    Select "Related" Activities Party

    Select Participation Type = To

    Select "Related" Activity

    Select Activity Type = Letter

    Select Activity Subject 'contains' (some of the words in your original subject)


    If you know the date the Letter was generated you can add the create date to the search criteria as well.  Once you have the list of people who received the letter, you can select the option to remove them from the list and send to the remaining list members. 


    Thursday, November 13, 2008 8:19 PM