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  • Hi,

    I realy would like a listserver interface to the forums.

    Polling the forums for updates is to much hassle, and I like beeing able to read and answer mails offline. RSS is not an option, I would like to read and write the forums from my email client, including filtering, archiving and other nifty things, like I am used to. Also, I can read and answer my emails offline or online, at home, at work, on the road, on different devices of my choice, like workstation, laptop, smart phone... I can not do this with eighter Webforums, RSS or NNTP bridge, without lots of hacks and hasle.

    This would especially improve quality on forums that are for more hardcore/dinosaur communities, like driver development, as the older and knowledgable members would be more inclined to share their wisdom. Polling webpages is inconvinient for these people. So you only get answers from freshmen, browsing the forums because they have their own questions.

    Check out the forums at OSR (, which support listserver/mailinglist, NNTP and webbrowser. Here you get quality responses to Windows development questions, which make the MS forums look like kindergarden.
    Thursday, December 2, 2010 10:34 AM