Hiding remote desktop on dual monitor systems has problems? RRS feed

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  • Got my Mesh invite, got it installed on machines that are side by side, and quickly ran into my first problem.

    I remote connected to a dual monitor system from a different dual monitor. Got the "squished" desktop effect in the browser, but the "show full-size" option worked well.

    However, I told the system to hide the remote desktop, and only one screen on the dual monitor went blank. Interestingly, when I disconnected and signed back in at that machine, the monitor that went blank was disabled, and I had to re-enable it and make it part of my Windows desktop.

    Oddball thing about that particular dual monitor setup: screen 2 is to the LEFT of screen 1, so screen 2 starts at -1280, and screen 1 starts at 0. Don't know if that's important or relevant.
    Monday, May 5, 2008 9:11 PM


  • Hi,

    We do have a known issue with one monitor being disabled after a Live Mesh Remote Desktop session, as you describe.  For your other issue, would you mind filing a bug report?

    Bug submit process:

    Please go to http://connect.microsoft.com/. Sign in and then select Live Mesh Tech Preview on Your Dashboard.  Click Feedback and follow the instructions for collecting your logs and then submit a bug.
    To get your logs:

    1.  Click Start.
    2.  Select All Programs and look for the Live Mesh folder.
    3.  Click
    Collect Live Mesh Logs.
    4.  Your logs will be bundled together in a cab file now located on your desktop.

    Attach your LiveMeshLogs.cab file located on your desktop to your bug.

    Note: you will have to submit a bug first, then edit it to attach your logs.



    Monday, May 5, 2008 9:25 PM