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  • I noticed one of my 2TB hard drives was degraded on my WHS (original/old version), and decided to remove it.  I added in a new 2TB hard drive to the pool so I had plenty of room to remove the degraded one.  I added the new one to the pool, and began the removal process of the degraded one.

    It started fine and was progressing at about a rate of 1/10th of the progress bar per 8 hours.  It was about a third done last night.  This morning I looked and it had stopped.  There was a popup saying there were file conflicts that prevented hardware removal.  The conflicts described were that "the file already exists".  The link it directed me to had no information about this specific conflict error: http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/whsfaq/thread/7ef4db6c-4a73-42e7-b79e-cacd41365442

    I'm now confused as to the state my WHS is left in.  The degraded hardware that I attempted to remove is marked "missing" and still gives the option to remove.  The new hard drive I added is marked healthy.  However, the progress bar status suggests it wasn't anywhere near finished.  I've looked through some folders and clicked on various files, and indeed many are empty/missing now.  So clearly the process did not finish: how do I get the remaining files?

    On the health status popup, I have many file conflicts reported: "The system cannot find the drive specified".

    I do have direct access monitor/keyboard on the WHS.  Is there a log file I can look at to indicate what happened?

    I'm not sure how best to proceed at this point.  Any advice is appreciated.

    Thanks, Ron.

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  • The "degraded" drive has probably failed. At this point, I would recommend shutting down your server and physically removing the drive (a failed but still responsive drive can cause a variety of issues in any computer). After that, reboot, verify that you actually got the correct drive (you didn't if a second drive is now "missing") and remove the drive from server storage.

    You should also read this FAQ.

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    Sunday, June 17, 2012 2:00 AM