Feature request for SyncToy: An echo-like mode that makes right folder exactly match left folder (without changing left folder). RRS feed

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  • I installed SyncToy today to see if I can use it to mirror files from a few drives to a large external backup drive.  The Echo mode appears to come close to what I want.  However, for one of my tests I deleted a file in the right folder to see if Echo would restore it from the left folder.  It didn't.  I learned why it didn't... SyncToy Echo actions are triggered only by changes in the left folder, and the file in the left folder hadn't been touched.

    So, suppose a virus silently deletes some files in the right folder.  SyncToy will let them stay deleted and the user won't notice.  The user would believe s/he has backup copies as insurance in case the drive containing the left folder fails.  When the left folder drive fails, the files will be lost.

    I assume Echo will also do nothing if a file in the right folder is renamed or moved. Or modified (perhaps by a virus).  I'm assuming the corresponding file in the left folder isn't touched.  If the left file is touched too, I presume it will be copied to the right so there will be two versions of the file in the right.

    How about providing an Echo-like mode that will make the right folder really match the left? (Without changing the left.)  A "mirror" operation, in other words.  In addition to the Echo operations it would need to do the following: If files were deleted from the right folder, SyncToy would restore them by copying from the left folder.  If files were renamed in the right folder, SyncToy would rename them back so they again match the filenames in the left folder.  If files were moved from one subfolder to another within the right folder, SyncToy would move them back, so they will be in the same (sub)folder in the right folder tree that they are in in the left folder tree.  If the user or a virus changed the contents of right folder files, SyncToy would overwrite them by copying from the left folder (assuming the option to compare file contents is enabled, or the files' timestamps or sizes or other attributes changed.)

    Of course, it shouldn't be quiet about these extra "beyond Echo" operations.  It should either postpone them until the user says Ok, or proceed but raise a warning notification and provide a way to easily undo on a file-by-file and folder-by-folder basis.

    Thanks for considering it!

    Sunday, June 30, 2013 8:44 PM

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  • Hi,

    Echosync doesn't seem to be the right software for your task.

    You can take a look at Echosync, an portable sync software designed to mirror folders.


    Tuesday, August 6, 2013 3:42 PM