Email Router is correlation matching emails for queue configured to accept all. RRS feed

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  • We have been experiencing an issue with our email router that so far, Premier Support has been unable to solve.

    We have an on premise CRM 2011 setup running at UR11. Several application servers, database cluster, and 2 email routers. One configured for incoming and standard user outgoing mail, and the 2nd configured for outgoing specifically for bulk mail senders.

    We have multiple organizations with several thousand users. Hence we are using a forward mailbox for incoming delivery.

    The specific of our issues is with incoming mail for 1 specific queue.

    The particular queue we are having issues with is configured for incoming: Forward Mailbox, outgoing: Email Router, and convert to email activities: All e-mail messages.

    Rules are in place for when an email comes to the Exchange inbox for the user, it also sends it to a forward attachment inbox and fires a copy to the forward mailbox.

    The router works as expected and checks the forward mailbox for new messages. The problem comes in where CRM does a correlation match against the email and then accepts or rejects based upon correlation match. However, this specific queue is configured to accept all email messages as stated above. 

    Sometimes it works as it should and the log clearly shows Reason: AcceptAll, but more often than not, it gives Reason: CorrelationMatch or Rejected: NoCorrelationMatch.

    We of course can check Email Activities in CRM to compare emails in the user mailbox so we can tell when this is happening. (more than a dozen times today it reject emails.)

    We have uploaded tons of logs and messages to premier support, but so far, ... nothing. Sometimes a restart of the services or a reboot of the server will fix it for a little while to get all of the mails as AcceptAll, but it is slowly getting worse.

    Have anyone else seen this before? I can provide screenshots, log data and more if needed.

    Help, Help!

    Tuesday, April 16, 2013 3:03 AM