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  • Some time between 9:00pm and 10:pm (PST) on January 2, 2009, total up time for mine will be hitting 12,000 hours since the initial setup of first public beta on February 26, 2007.  That is according to Seagate's Seatools drive information of my only remaining drive (Brand new at the time) from the initial setup, which equals 500 days or almost 16 1/2 months of up time out of 22 months.  5 1/2 months of down time were likely for repair of the system after 3 separate drive failures and turning off the WHS either while on vacation or for a period of time when I was shutting it down during the night.  My 2 week status post from March 12, 2007 is here; and just as I was then, I am still loving the WHS. 

    My system has gone through some significant changes/addition since then to include 3GB ram, 9 drives totaling 8.5TB, a Sata adapter, an IDE adapter and a Hauppauge TV card.  On the software side, installed Disk Management add-in, To Desktop add-in, SageTV Media Server, PerfectDisk 2008, PlayOn Server and Samsung PC Share server for LCD TV.  Upgraded to 802.11n router as well to better handle the increased traffic between WHS and client devices. 

    WHS is currently serving my family of 4 using various devices, which includes PCs, media extenders and game consoles.  Currently, 13 of 17 wired/wireless devices are accessing the WHS.  Probably one of the neatest thing I've encountered to date is being able to walk around the house with my Sony PSP that is streaming music, photos or videos; and I am looking forward to the day when my wife can do the same with her iPod Touch.

    What's in the WHS storage:  A good amount of stored data are family photos, CD collection and home videos going as far back to 1980.  More of these are being added at a significant pace with pictures taken from digital cameras and videos from couple of camcorders, all being duplicated in WHS and also being stored in an external drives.  I say at a significant pace because my HD videos take up quite a bit more room, at about 120GB for 14 hours of video, than SD videos.  Rest are regular client PC data, DVD movies, recorded TV programs and client backups which haven't failed us yet through several restores in the past 22 months.

    At least two things I would love to see implemented in WHS are, ability to backup iMacs and streaming through iTunes for those of us with OEM WHS.  Otherwise, WHS pretty much does it all that we want it to do.

    Friday, January 2, 2009 12:05 PM

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  • I have no idea how much uptime I have but I haven't had much downtime. My whole LAN runs 24/7/365, I don't even shut down while on vacation. I generally only reboot for patches and that's usually only once a month. ;)

    A lot has changed on my WHS, during the beta I used two smaller PATA drives on OLD spare HW and then I rebuilt with new HW (save a few drives that were added during various beta builds) when I bought the OEM. I was running SageTV even during the betas (before Sage made an add-in too) but I still store basically the same things, just more of it. Photos, music, DVDs documents and other archived apps and data plus my backs ups of course. 

    I've never turned on the remote access nor used the WHS provided domain, for various reasons, but I have made a number of unsupported tweaks (see my tutorials) to my system and I'm happy to say that my system has been pretty much rock solid. I've had a couple drive failures (used drives not new ones) but I've never lost any data other than backups when the database got corrupted. I often recommend WHS although I still wish there were more options for power users so some of my unsupported work arounds wouldn't be...unsupported.

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    Friday, January 2, 2009 4:18 PM