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    Whenever I change class properties (on .css file) I can't get result on my page. Only when I close VS Ide (or  restart Windows as well !), I can view my page modified. This beahvior I don't think was in VS2010. 

    Must I change some cfg parameter ? 

    Could Bootstrap css documents be a problem ? 

    Thanks in advance 

    Alessandro Lupi

    Friday, April 28, 2017 2:43 PM

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  • Probably the problem is caused by a useful browsers’ feature: keeping and reusing the transferred contents (HTML, CSS, JS, images), reducing the network and server operations. Instead of restarting the computer, you can simply clear the cache using browser’s commands.

    One of the known methods to force the browsers to reload the fresh version of you CSS file is to add some parameter to the URL. For example, if your Web page contains a reference to “/styles/MyStyles.css”, then change it to “/styles/MyStyles.css?v=2”. Change the number after each modification of the styles. (It can be also inserted programmatically).

    The solution depends on the kind of your project (Web Forms, MVC, etc.), and it is better to ask the specialists at

    Friday, April 28, 2017 8:03 PM