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  • So after finally finding out that the WHS Restore CD needs to use the Vista 32-bit drivers for the MB Realtek NIC, I got the bare metal restore started. However, the restore only made it about half way before erroring with the "Unexpected Network Error" message. Tried this twice on the Win7 system.

    So then I took the 1GB SATA drive from the Win7 system and hooked it up with a USB-SATA dock on another PC. Started the full restore of the drive from there. This time it got 50-75% along before I got the same error.

    Saw a forum thread about hooking the drive directly to the WHS and restoring from there. So hooked the USB-SATA dock to WHS system. Drive was recognized and both partitions were assigned drive letters. Ran the ClientRestoreWizard.exe in "...\Program Files\Windows Home Server" on the WHS console (not RDP). Started a restore of just the Win7 System Recovery partition, since it was only 100MB, just to see if this would work. Nope. Errored almost immediately.

    So hooked the USB-SATA dock to the 2nd PC again. Since I was out of ideas, I tried running the restore again. Except this time instead of trying to do the whole drive at once I just did the 100MB Win7 System Recovery partition, which completed sucessfully. Since it was late I fired up the ClientRestoreWizard again and started a restore of the 2nd partition (C:) and went to bed. This morning the restore was still running (almost a 1GB over a 100MBit NIC takes awhile, about 10 hours). When it finally finished I put the SATA drive back in the 1st PC and fired it up. Win7 complained about a previous improper shut-down, but after ignoring the message and letting the system boot it's up and running again.

    Now I have no idea why the restore worked doing one partition at a time instead of the whole drive at once. Whether there's something screwy going on trying to restore the whole drive in one shot or if I just got lucky this last time I ran the restore.

    Monday, October 4, 2010 10:00 PM