RUNDLL startup error daaqdska.dll and IE addons causing spyware-help required RRS feed

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  • Hello, can anyone help to remove an error message that keeps appearing when booting up. It is a window headed "RUNDLL" and says the following "X Error loading C:\WINDOWS\system32\daaqdska.dll. Invalid access to memory location. OK"


    I have had a few problems lately and discovered my PC had become infected with malicious malware/adware, getting advertising popups/error messages etc. I already had Norton 360 up to date and Spybot 1.4 and just updated to Spybot 1.5.2 on 22 Feb. I have run Norton and deinstalled Spybot and reinstalled it fully, ran it and it found 3 Virtuomode (malware/adware I think). I also installed Ad Aware 2007 freeware and it found 24 infections (2 critical malware and 22 tracking cookies) which Spybot did not! It removed all of them. I also read that internet explorer addons are being used by hackers aggressively as malware/adware and I disabled 2 which seemed very suspect-they are called trokdhjg.dll and vtstr,dll.


    I thought using the Adware 2007 program would have removed the RUNDLL startup error and picked up on the 2 suspect addons but it seems not.


    I also ran Microsoft's own Malicious Software Removal Tool (Feb 2008) (KB890830-VI.38.exe) and ran a full scan and it found nothing.


    I also did get the Buffer Overrun error mentioned in another thread "Buffer overrun detected! Program C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Iexplore.exe " but the Adware fix seems to have now removed that.


    Does anyone know how to fix the "X Error loading C:\WINDOWS\system32\daaqdska.dll. Invalid access to memory location. OK" error and also remove the two suspect addons which I think are spyware. vtstr.dll definitely seems to be spyware as a search on Google reveals info that it is a dangerous spyware addon.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Monday, February 25, 2008 12:38 AM