Creating Cases from Microsoft Social Engagement RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    Just trying to set up a demo environment.

    I was initially under he impression that you could create cases out of the box once the integration between CRM and MSE was setup, but on reading further and experimenting it appears not to be the case (No pun intended!!).

    Currently when I click on the post in MSE and select to create a case it just creates the following 3 things

    1. Social Activity
    2. Social Profile
    3. Contact

    On reading further it appeared that  I need to set up a automatic records creation rule. So I have done that and activated it. I created my rule with no conditional parameters and create case is the only action. Therefore I assumed all posts in MSE which I elect to create a case in CRM would do just that .

    However cases are not getting created. My only guess is that the post needs to be in a queue for the auto-create rule to work? is that right?

    When I set up the rule I did not specify a Queue. Should I have specified a queue and how do I tell MSE which queue to put the post in?

    hope this all makes sense

    thanks alot

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