Looking at a PocketSense Request for Purpose of Debugging RRS feed

  • General discussion

  • This is not something that comes up in normal use. This is for advanced unusual problem solving.

    When you use PocketSense to get an OFX file for Money, PocketSense sends a request.
    You can see what this file looks like by setting Debug=True in ofx.py, and
    doing a test of the account in setup.py. The request gets printed to the
    screen, and I can scroll back in the command window to see the whole request.

    In the Aug 2017 version of ofx.py, I changed line 67 from a blank line to this:
    Debug=True # was blank line ***

    I changed a blank line to preserve line numbers for comparisons. After the change, lines 66 through 68 were these:

    from rlib1 import *
    Debug=True # was blank line
    if Debug:

    If you have a different program accessing an institution, successfully,
    and if you can get the request info that program uses, you could compare
    the requests for significant differences. In the Command window, I have both Properties->Options->EditOptions selected so that I can insert,  copy and paste with the right mouse button.

    You can keep the unmodified version of ofx.py under another name, and copy
    that back to ofx.py to restore it to its original content.

    Friday, November 24, 2017 9:33 PM