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  • "Old" (pre-Vail) WHS user. I'm running on a 64-bit capable Atom processor and have 1.7Tb free space (just FYI).

    I need to look at alternatives to back up my WHS to a remote offline backup company. I was hoping that Carbonite (which I've hacked together a solution for) would have an add-in by now, but coming to the site today, I can't even find any more Add-ins for the old release of WHS. :( Kinda sucks.

    Maybe there is an add-in for the Vail release? That would only be of use if I can find a way to switch to the new operating system. I have approximately 500GB of non-backup data on my WHS.  Not that much. It would seem that the only feasible migration path is "slash-and-burn" by backing up my data to an external drive, clean install WHS Vail and then restoring my data.

    The only problem with that is one of the backups I have on the old WHS is from a PC I no longer have. Just a month or so ago I realized there was some data on that backup - thank goodness I still had it.   But now I have to face the prospect of nuking all the backups of my computers?  Is there no way to migrate backup data from the old to the new WHS?

    Thursday, September 22, 2011 3:12 PM

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  • No, there's no migration path other than starting over. I don't see a compelling reason for you to switch if A) you're happy with the current product's capabilities, and B) there are no "must haves" in the new version.

    If you want/need to migrate anyway: restore the backup(s) you need to virtual or physical drives, then back them up to the new server and store multiple copies off-site.

    For "cloud" backups: consider:

    • Annually, how much will the cloud based storage cost given your data volume?
    • Is there a data transfer charge, and if so how much will it cost you to send your data to the cloud? (If there's an upload charge, figure 1.5x actual volume if not a lot changes over a year, 2x-3x otherwise.) To get it back once?
    • How long, best case, will it take to download all of your data? As a point of reference, best case on my cable modem (15 Mb/s) is just over a week per terabyte, but do your own math. Can you afford to be down that long? Can you afford to be down 3x that long, if your "best case" doesn't play out? 5x-10x if your ISP is really "optimistic" in their bandwidth claims?
    • Do you have a bandwidth cap, and what happens when you hit it? Again as a point of reference, I do have a cap (lower than your 500 GB of critical non-backup data), and when I hit it my download speeds will slow to 56Kb/s modem speeds for the rest of my billing period.

    Generally, you can buy a lot of external drives (and gas to get to your full service bank branch, and safety deposit box rental fees) for the real cost to store even a single TB "in the cloud" for a year.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Thursday, September 22, 2011 4:00 PM