Overwrite the within 30 days in FIlteredViews RRS feed

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  • I have a SRSS report using a SQL Query that uses that FilteredViews to allow for the report to use the "Run on current record". This works great but it adds a "Last X Days" and sets it to 30. It there someway to change that or better yet, get rid of it altogether? This is my query for reference:

    SELECT        CRMAF_Quote.QuoteNumber, CRMAF_Quote.Name, CRMAF_Quote.CreatedOn, CRMAF_Quote.CustomerIdName, CRMAF_Quote.OwnerIdName, 
                             CRMAF_Quote.Name AS Expr1, CRMAF_Quote.BillTo_Line1, CRMAF_Quote.BillTo_Line2, CRMAF_Quote.BillTo_Line3, CRMAF_Quote.BillTo_StateOrProvince, 
                             CRMAF_Quote.BillTo_PostalCode, CRMAF_Quote.BillTo_Telephone, CRMAF_Quote.BillTo_Fax, CRMAF_QuoteDetail.lineitemnumber, CRMAF_QuoteDetail.Quantity,
                             CRMAF_QuoteDetail.productdescription, CRMAF_QuoteDetail.BaseAmount, CRMAF_QuoteDetail.ExtendedAmount, CRMAF_Quote.DiscountAmount, CRMAF_Quote.TotalTax, CRMAF_Quote.TotalAmount, 
                             CRMAF_Quote.RevisionNumber, CRMAF_SystemUser.Address1_Telephone1, 
                             CRMAF_SystemUser.InternalEMailAddress, CRMAF_Product.productnumber, CRMAF_Product.Name AS ProductName
    FROM            FilteredQuote as CRMAF_Quote JOIN
                             FilteredQuoteDetail as CRMAF_QuoteDetail ON CRMAF_Quote.QuoteId = CRMAF_QuoteDetail.QuoteId LEFT OUTER JOIN
                             FilteredProduct AS CRMAF_Product ON CRMAF_QuoteDetail.productid =  CRMAF_Product.productid LEFT OUTER JOIN
                             FilteredSystemUser as CRMAF_SystemUser ON CRMAF_Quote.OwnerId = CRMAF_SystemUser.SystemUserId

    This is what I am talking about with the 30 days.


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  • HI CrazyeD1583,

                    You will need to edit the default filter that is something you can do in the reports section by selecting the report and clicking on the Edit Default Filter button as follows.

    Damian Sinay

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