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  • I have a single Windows laptop and I've been syncing my Documents folder with Mesh.

    My Windows installation (Vista 64-bt) got corrupted and I ended up having to recover my hard drive and do a clean OS install. My documents were recoverable and I've got them back in the appropriate file structure on my local machine. I haven't reinstalled Mesh yet. While my computer was being recovered, I uploaded a few files to my Live Desktop and modified a few more there too, so some stuff on my Live Desktop is newer than the stuff on my recovered hard drive.

    Goal: I want to connect my machine to Mesh and have it download the updated files from my Live Desktop and have everything in sync, hopefully without having to upload or download everything--just the modified stuff. So -

    1. Is it possible to re-establish the partnership with Mesh and have Mesh recognize my computer as the same computer it's been connected with all along?

    2. If not #1, if I establish my recovered PC as a "new" device and try to sync my folders with my Live Desktop, what will Mesh do when it recognizes that I have a bunch of files with identical names in identical folders on this "new" device?

    3. If 1-2 end up being bad, my best bet in my mind is to:

    (a.) look at my history online and find the new and updated files on my Live Desktop as of the last time my computer worked, then

    (b.) Download them and manually put them where I want in my local file system

    (c.) Delete everything on my Live Desktop and remove my old device from my profile

    (d.) Install Mesh on my recovered computer, add the device and set the recovered folders to sync.

    Any better ideas?

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010 8:18 PM


  • When you install Live Mesh on the reinstalled PC, it is a new PC to your Mesh. So, first, remove the old "dead" PC from your Mesh at http://www.mesh.com

    Then, install the client and add the "new" PC to your Mesh. 

    The folders in your Mesh will be offered to the PC in the form of light blue folders on the desktop locally.

    Click each folder in turn and select Browse to navigate to the existing local folder that you wish to merge the Mesh folder with. You will get a warning about conflicts.

    It is possible that Mesh will detect that all of the files are in conflict, which will be painful as you would then need to resolve each one - one at a time. If the files are detected to not be in conflict, but are indeed the same, Mesh will happily only copy over the new and changed files in both directions and all will be good. For those files that were changed on the Live Desktop, you'll likely need to resolve the conflicts to advise Mesh to keep the newer file.



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    Wednesday, April 28, 2010 3:17 PM