Complicated organisation naming restrictions in Hosted CRM4/HMC4 RRS feed

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    Is there a way that we can tweak the settings in Hosted CRM 4 that will make it accept the leading numbers and dots (‘.’) in the customer organisation name?



    We are an HMC 4.0 hosting company deploying Hosted CRM 4.


    Today, all of our customer organisations in HMC are named using their domain name.  For example, the customer organisation name for 'Company ABC', matches the company's domain name 'companyabc.com'.


    CRM's organisation naming restrictions are very disruptive to us because they do not accept any organisation name that begins with a number, such as 123company.com, nor do accept any dot ('.'), and while they say they don't accept a hyphen in the documentation, in practice, their suggested underscore is rejected in favour of a hyphen (but the database name is converted to an underscore???).


    It's very troublesome to us to have this type of restriction as we are now faced with a situation that all customers must first unsubscribe from our Hosted Exchange service and resubscribe as a Hosted CRM + Exchange customer with a special organisation name that does not match their domain name.




    Thanks in advance!

    Tuesday, March 4, 2008 12:57 PM


  • I am afraid, you will not able to achieve it through programing or settings, its built in, so ask from MS if they can give you support on it.







    Tuesday, March 4, 2008 1:01 PM