How to Create Multi Dependent Tasks in HPC RRS feed

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  • hi,

    my code basically  look like this:

    ISchedulerTask task1 = job.CreateTask();  

    task1.CommandLine = cmdparams1;  
    task1.Name = "First Task";  
    ISchedulerTask task2 = job.CreateTask();  
    task2.CommandLine = cmdparams2;  
    IStringCollection earlierTasks = new StringCollection(); // Create a string collection with a list of earlier tasks  
    earlierTasks.Add("First Task"); // Add the name of the tasks to depend on  
    task2.DependsOn = earlierTasks; // Set the DependsOn field for task2  

    i get an error if my string colection contain more than 75 tasks that i want to run parallely and have the final task depand on them all and run only if all the tasks finished successfully.

    the error i get is :

    "the value for "depends on" is too large for the database. the size should be smaller than 320"

    is there a way to configure it in some way or is it a known limitation?

    thanks in advanced,



    Wednesday, July 13, 2011 7:26 AM

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  • Dear Ben,

    Do you have more than 75 task all with different task names before the next task?

    I also had this problem with my job but in my case I simplified the name of all tasks for example 'task group 1', 'task group 2' and added in the StringCollection of DependsOn only once the task group name.

    Friday, July 15, 2011 12:26 PM