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    I don't fully understand the algorithm WHS uses for Storage Balancing, but can image the process based off of the folder duplication option.  However, I also saw the "Balancing Storage" message when I only had 1 drive installed - I'm not quite sure what was happening there.


    It would be nice to understand if there is real intelligence built into the algorithm that is used to maximize server performance.  I can envision the system understanding individual drive performance/speed and maxmizing storage balance based off of drive performance.


    For example; If I have 2 internal drives and an external (slow) USB drive, it would be nice for the balancing algorithm to store rarely accessed files (eg. folder duplication, old backups, etc.) on the slow performing external (USB) drive, and store the more frequently accessed files on the internal faster drives.


    I doubt this type of intelligence is built in, as when I connected an external (USB) drive to my HP EX470 single internal drive server, it seemed to just split up storeage based off of available space.  Recently, I added a 2nd internal drive, and removed the external USB drive.


    It would be nice if the WHS team could understand my recommendation above (move least frequently accessed files to slower drives), and implement in a future update.


    If you fully understand the current storage balancing algorithm and can share this info with us, please do.





    Monday, February 18, 2008 4:27 PM


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