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  • I decided to evaluate AutoRoute 2011 to run whilst travelling in my motorhome through Europe, as modern GPS receivers are less able than old ones like my Garmin 2610.  Yes they can get you to your destination, but lack the ability to show waypoints/POIs/pushpins on a moving map.

    I don't want to navigate to one place found in a list, but travel in a certain direction and then see icons on a map.  Then select one and navigate to it.

    Part of the evaluation was to be able to read about 70 .AXE files I'd collected over the last few years from others.  I soon discovered that although AR had been improved since I last used it, it was still lacking in pushpin data handling.

    I own MapPoint 2004 for use with APRSPoint add-on, so then thought I'd evaluate the 2011 version.  This appears to have better handling of pushpin data, but still lacks the ability to edit and arrange pushpins.  So exporting to Excel should allow me to edit the data and then import it back to MP.

    However MP's export ability is giving me problems.

    The data exported to Excel is only part of the data visible in the pushpin's balloon in MP.  I've tried this with a few .AXE files and get similar results - the data fields are again missing in Excel.

    So I tried to export from MP to .GPX files and experienced the typical problems of .GPX files being incompatible with other programs.  They would not open in MapSopurce but would open in OziExplorer. (Export from OziEx to another .GPX file will load in MS.)

    But again much of the data is missing.

    They only way I can find to export data from MP is to copy and paste every field from the balloons.  A very time consuming method.

    Sunday, June 10, 2012 3:39 PM

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