Unable to get past boot stage or will load up windows and crash with a black screen after 2/3 mins RRS feed

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    My sister has a Mesh Matrix M-Series Inspire + pc. Runs Windows Xp with latest updates, Amd 64 3000+ processor, 512ddr memory, 160gb hard drive (maxtor).

    She is having big problems with her pc as one of these three situations occur - situation 1 and 2 are the most frequent so i will start with those

    Situation 1

    Switch pc on, starts to boot up and message "scan devices please wait" appears.

    Then messages:


    CH0master:no device

    Serial CH1master:maxtor 6Y160M0


    reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device. Pc will not allow del or f12 to access any setup menus


    Situation 2

    Switch pc on, flashes through 1st loading page (unable to del or f12 as it wouldn't allow access to setup screen) , then:


    Scan devices please wait


    hardware initiate failed please check device


    Bios does not be installed  (!!!!!)


    press g to continue


    When g is then pressed we get


    reboot and select proper boot device


    when i accessed the setup utility i got


    IDE Primary master:not detected (i think this is where it should've said maxtor 6Y160M0)


    Situation 3

    Switch on pc, pc starts up and notes its starting up after a serious error. Continues to load up so windows starts and you get the main start screen where you can access your files etc however after 2/3 mins the screen will go black , mouse pointer will stay in one spot on screen , power is still getting to tower and monitor etc nothing will appear on the screen and end up having to resart from restart button or switch off at tower.


    Hope someone can help us get to the bottom of this


    Many thanks for reading



    Tuesday, February 5, 2008 10:16 PM