getting a voice message plus web page stating microsoft will shut down my services because of infection when i log on to msn,msnbc,cbsn ect ,yet when i shut down laptop then reboot and run a full scan via mcafee which i purchased through microsoft i,m tol RRS feed

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    1. can,t use video when logged onto edge browser,such as msn,msnbc,cbsn,microsoft sends voice msg stating that my account is infecting Microsoft and will shut down my account in 2 minutes,i shut down laptop reboot,then run mcafee full scan and guess what,no infections,what the hell is going on?since when has ms made a voice message plus web page to tell me they are shutting me down?you work for me,not vice versa,we the people made ms billionaires,least you could do is answer questions rather than be sent to someone in india or the phillapenes that can,t speak English very well at all,this is a company in the u.s. that I,m dealing with isn,t it?do your job
    Tuesday, August 29, 2017 4:45 PM