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  • I'm not certain how OneCare got install on my PC as I have never used it and have never had a need to use it. I do know I needed to install Windows Live for another application so that might be when it sneaked in. 4 or 5 days ago the PC required rebooting following an update which was the first reboot this year and I received a strange message, something about family protection not being enabled which I have never used. After spending much time researching the problem I arrived at OneCare.

    I tried to uninstall but not all the elements were removed and I still don't have internet access. I checked more forums and uninstalled all security software such as McAfee. Still couldn't get everything removed. I found the OneCare cleanup application and have run that several times but still no access to Internet with the error id: 0014-80072ee7.

    There is nothing wrong with my network connection, I run 3 PCs and a Mac, and I show HTTP, FTP and HTTPS succesfully connected when running Network Diagnostics.

    I can connect fine when running in safe mode.

    I have tried reinstalling OneCare in an attempt to resolve the problem by starting over again but a network connection is required and it won't install in safe mode.

    This is getting most frustrating and I don't know what else I am supposed to do to enable us to browse the internet from this PC which just happens to be the most used one in the house.

    Any help most welcome.

    Thank you
    Friday, January 16, 2009 5:00 AM

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  • OneCare will never install with other programs. It is a standalone installation available via a CD installer or from http://onecare.live.com

    What I believe that you are referring to is the Windows Live OneCare Family Safety program that shares the OneCare name and *does* come with Windows Live Essentials - http://download.live.com
    To remove it, you should be able to get rid of it easily via Control Panel/Programs and Features(Vista) or Add or Remove Programs (XP). The cleanup tool that you found is *not* for the Family Safety program.

    If you need help with the Family Safety program -

    Go to http://support.live.com/ and sign in with a LiveID

    Click on the Windows Live family Safety link in the list.

    If you are not presented with an email support form, but are instead redirected to help.live.com for that service/product, in the page that opens from http://help.live.com/ select any topic on the left hand side or search for a question in the search box.

    The results of your search or the clicked topic appears in the right hand frame, along with a tiny link in the lower right hand corner – “Get more help.”

    Click that tiny link and you will get to a page with a link “Contact support”

    Click that link and you will be presented with the email support form to fill out. Provide as much detail as possible and you should get a response from support within 24 hours.

    Help topics at http://help.live.com/

    I'm going to move your post to Off Topic.

    Microsoft MVP Windows Live / Windows Live OneCare Forum Moderator
    Friday, January 16, 2009 5:44 PM
  • Thank you Steve.

    You have given me plenty to look at and it is confusing having the Onecare name associated with both applications.. This maybe have been more apparent had I not uninstalled everything before getting these error messages. You are absolutely correct, it is a OneCare Family Safety issue.

    Your help is appreciated.

    Sunday, January 18, 2009 4:19 PM