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  • This is a repost from a recent reply to try to gain more attention:

    Cliplets needs some small, but critical, features around output to actually be a one-stop tool for creating cinemagraphs:

    • Ability to trim the length of the output clip. Output length should not be tied to input length. Interface is easy and intuitive: add length controls to the blue Still base layer timeline. 10 sec maximum is fine. Bonus: snap to other loop lengths; especially sensible for a simple one-layer loop.
    • Ability to crop image. Again, interface is fairly intuitive: Interacting with preview of base layer creates a rectangular crop rather than a mask. Bonus: automatically crop to inside of warp artifacts.
    • Remove 10 sec limit on input clips. Once output is disconnected from input, it makes sense to allow for layers that capture different events that occur more sporatically in the captured video. Optional: get rid of initial trim dialog(?) it still might be useful/necessary for preventing the app from getting bogged down
    • Allow "smooth" (assuming crossfade) option to work on end of cliplet back to beginning. This is critical for getting a nice-looking, efficient output. This becomes less necessary depending on how the output trim feature works. (Example: loop 3x, and then trim down to the inside loop gives the desired effect)
    • GIF export needs more options. If you compare the dithered output to professional cinemagraphs, the difference is night and day. Dithered color reduction gives the GIF away; need something like palette-optimized nearest-color. That said, MP4 export WOULD be the modern HTML5 format of choice, since it features full color, and MUCH more efficient compression, IF it weren't for the political nonsense between browsers supporting/not supporting the format.

    I was really excited to use Cliplets. I wanted to love it. I shot some nice videos specificly to try it. The warp stabilization is great and makes it possible to use my jiggly hand-held shots. It came SO close. Then fell flat and seriously disappointed me. Please fix it, so we can make cool images! And thanks for a neat, fun, easy free tool for exploring this interesting modern art form.

    Monday, August 20, 2012 3:42 PM