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  • I am planning my build-your-own WHS2011 and wanted to know some things about backup before I decide to buy hard drives.

    I currently have a NAS with two 1TB drives (mirrored) where I have my client PC backups, music/videos backup and installables. Currently that is about 800GB. Also, I am considering the HP ProLiant Microserver with 4 drive bays as my hardware.

    Considering that the WHS system will not take more than maybe 60-70GB, I am wondering if I can use the two 1TB drives, where the main drive gets split into 80GB and 900-something GB and these get backed up to the second 1TB drive similarly. Then I can get two 2TB drives for additional storage and use them in mirrored configuration.

    I understand "mirrored" in this scenario may be the wrong term. I meant to say, "backed up automatically to" when I mention mirrored in my proposal.

    The question is, will this setup work? Is there a "better" alternative given what I am trying to accomplish?

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  • You can certainly use your existing drives as you suggest with the first holding the OS plus data and the second as server backup. Not sure I understand what you intend to use the 2 new 2TB drives for. Using the Dashboard the maximum server backup is 2TB. You could use the two 2TB drives for server backup if you move the 2nd of your original 1TB drives to server storage and then rotate the 2off 2TB drives for off-site storage. Alternatively use the 2 x 1TB drives plus the first 2TB drive as storage and use the second 2TB drive as server backup (which of course will not store the whole of your server storage). Beyond that, you will need to bypass the Dashboard and use the underlying Server 2008 functionality.
    Wednesday, April 27, 2011 1:15 AM
  • I looked at the content on my WHS2011 EX485 box and split the backup into 2 types. The 1st is manual for those folders that are large and static.  The 2nd is live for folders where the content changes regularly (music, photos, websites..).  The manual backups go onto extra external drives that are stored on a shelf.  The active backup of the remaining700GB is targeted at the empty internal 4th drive.  Doing the backups this way removes the hassle of how I would have dealing with the content on the 3TB volumes in the system.
    Wednesday, April 27, 2011 11:09 AM