If using PocketSense define MMF before first downloading... then advanced Changing Mutual Fund to Money Market Fund... RRS feed

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  • Action item for everybody: if you are going to download transactions into Money, it is important to create your Money Market Fund (MMF) security before downloading. If you start by downloading, the investment gets created as a Mutual Fund (MF).

    What's the problem? After all, a MMF is a MF with a fixed $1 share price. When you sell a MF, Money may ask which lots you are selling. Maybe that doesn't bother you. It did me. Also, in the Portfolio, if you Group By Investment Types, MMFs are in their own section.

    So that general advice is for everybody. What follows is not ready for primetime. So for most people, stop reading now.

    I had made the mistake on a premium MMF. I had previously posted how to convert a MF to a MMF, but that method was not working for me. I started doing some searching and Python writing. I found that my fund set up as a MF had its 9-character CUSIP in the file 5 times-- 4 times as UTF8 bytes, and once in UTF16 where each character is represented by 2 bytes.

    Eventually I wrote a program that solved this for me. It substituted the CUSIPs. I chose to make the substituted CUSIP to be as if I had incremented the string by one, in case there were any alphabetically sorted lists involved.

    I followed up using my previous method for good measure, although I was not sure it was needed. It appears this was successful.

    I am posting this in case somebody has a similar situation and is able and motivated enough to use a not-polished Python program, where filenames and CUSIPs are currently hard-coded... but easy enough to change to your needs. I could develop this to be more polished later, but interest is probably pretty light.

    Previous method was described in https://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/b5338fdf-dd2c-4a9b-a472-5f097b952e3d/how-to-copy-all-transactions-of-a-previous-fund-to-a-new-named-fund?forum=money July 11, 2011 post.

    Tuesday, April 16, 2019 1:31 PM