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  • I'm a huge fan of everything MS related. But for the first time, I don't feel comfortable owning a device running an OS made by them. I had the HTC Titan which was a great phone for it's time and just recently switched to the L1520 for WP8.1. After all the hype and after a month, WP8.1 doesn't seem so great anymore. Compared to the competition, only Cortana was done better(which is still arguable). Every other thing seems worst

    The notification center is not as arranged (1.no demarcating lines. 2.If you get 20 messages from one app, all 20 line themselves up. This makes it really clustered)or as "intelligent" (It doesn't even sync with the live tiles. Furthermore, if someone sends me 5 messages from one app and I click on one, the remaining 4 are still present on the notification center)

    The action center is limited to 4 quick settings(5 on the 1520 though). Even BB10 did this better.

    There is no gesture to bring the list of apps I use the most without heading to the start screen(Like the action center but for apps). MS is trying to get into the enterprise market with WP and it's sad that this wasn't thought of or green lit by anyone on the team. This would have been great for marketing. Informing business users that they can save all the important apps they use for their work and with a quick swipe, they can access them anytime. Nothing of that nature!

    I'm not big on apps but that's also a big issue on WP. The "important" apps that find their way to WP are always of lower quality than that on the competition.

    Every time I see the #timetoswitch ad, I never see MS give a good reason why except for "camera this, camera that" or "the most personal phone"(yet without Nokia and Samsung app folder apps, WP can't create simple folders!).

    With the Moto E coming up against L630(worst spec wise, higher price and the temporary absence of Whatsapp), I don't think WP would cross the 3% mark anytime soon


    Monday, May 19, 2014 7:28 PM