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  • Hi all, 

    i created a sync WF. 

    Under the Options for automatic processes, there are 3 pulldowns for "Start at"

    - on the left side of "DS created" .. which is meant to choos bevor/after only for the "DS created"

    - on the left side of "DS changed" ... which i think is even working for "DS assigned" and "Field changed"

    - on the left side of "DS deleted".

    If i activate on of the 3 possibiliteis DS changed, assigned or changed .. the "Start at" which is left by "DS created", gets active, and can be changed.

    The two other pulldowns (of DS created / deleted) will not get active, even if i activate the fields on the right.

    what am i doing wrong / what is the solution / is it working in your crm?


    When will the sync WF really started?Only if the DS is saved, or bevore saving?
    I know i can creat js or actions for bevore saving, but then i have to maintain 2 different things (js & sync wf) because one only works if form is opend, other even if the ds will imported.

    I hope, there wil be help for this 2 questions.

    THX, Greets Pit

    Friday, February 21, 2014 10:32 AM


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