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  • Hi folks, I hope MS is around to hear some of my suggestions.  I've been using a Win CE/Mobile devices since V1.0 handhelds, then I was first in line to buy a Philips Nino in the pocket pc days.  I've used several other PDAs, but I switched over to the blackberry camp for a few years.  I threw out my bberry to try out WM6 on a HTC S720 (EVDO network).  I like the form factor - small yet powerful.  I hate carrying around anything that resembles a PDA. 


    Here are some thoughts and suggestions based on my experience on my HTC. 


    1. Need more speed & memory.  The MSM7500 chipset on this device doesn't seem to be fast enought to catch up on multiasking, opening large applications, and playing videos smoothly - a big customer experience flaw.  Anything that runs WM5/6 should have the necessary HW to run the OS.  What is MS doing about this ?


    2.  OS feels very clumsy.  Apps not easy to switch to.  Don't know which windows are open and which or not.  Task manager needs to be better integrated into the OS. 


    3.  Look and Feel.  Looks like a severely crippled version of windows.  I think the font sizes are way too big.  If resolution can be bumped up, and fonts decreased, you can create a lot more GUI real estate.  With this, MS can create a more vista look and feel.  Colours/themes don't seem to flow throughout the built-in apps.  Its still very dry looking with lots of black and white.  Lots of full screen popups.  For reminders, a simple popup from the side of the screen should suffice. 


    4.  Application support.  RTSP, Flash, J2ME native support.  So many sites are un-usable because explorer doesn't support any of these enablers.  Must we rely on third parties to find this very fundamental support ? 


    5. Multimedia Machine - Not just having the protocol enablers, but also built in decoders for h264, xvid, etc.  But of course the HW must be capable too.  MS needs to defend itself against the iPhones of the world. 


    6.  QoS APIs,  MS needs to get on the bandwagon for future QoS apps like Video Telephony, VoIP, Gaming, Streaming, etc. 


    7.  Input - Bring back the side scroll or joystick.  Anything else is too cumbersome for most people.  Lots of getting use to, but when it comes to speed, a scroll wheel is best.  Otherwise, MS you'll need to do something like the iPhone with all touchscreen inputs.  At least allow the OS to enable HW manufacturers to choose this option. 


    8.  Native LBS/AGPS Support for CDMA networks. 


    Overall, WM6 seems suitable for basic functions - Direct Push, Explorer, but I still find a lot of bugs, and my HTC enjoys slowing down and crashing quite frequently.  I don't want my phone to ever crash or require a reset. 


    If MS can revamp the entire GUI one day, that would be awesome.  Forget this must have MS familiar Start Menu.  Be creative.  I have faith in you MS Smile







    Friday, August 10, 2007 4:41 AM

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  • Oh, a few more suggestions that I would like to add.. I hope y'all don't mind. 


    9.  Power Management Options -  I remember there were a lot more before.  Adjusting contrast, brightness, backlight intensity, shutting off the keypad lights.  Whenever the screen is on or if I'm actively downloading something, the battery life dies very quickly.  A real power hog.  Would be nice to have a power savings mode, that increases efficiency slightly by adjusting power settings. 


    10.  Vibrate.  I don't like the vibrate, multiple, pulsating modes.  I prefer a single short pulse for incoming emails.  Because notifications are annoying and vibrate options are too strong, I've opted to not receive any type of notification at all, especially when I'm in meetings. 


    11. Custumizing Short Keys/Buttons.  Can I configure one of the soft keys to open my work inbox immediately ? 


    12. Parlay X Web Services Support yet ?  Would like to see what MS has in store for.  As long as 3rd party guys can utilize XML/Soap type scripts through MS explorer, then things should be ok...


    13.  Windows Live won't sync with Gmail.  I don't know why.  My emails won't download.  No Pop3/SMTP errors.  Something wrong with gmail ??


    14.  Customizing the Home Screen.  I can't seem to move things up or down in priority.  If I want my email account to be at the top, I can't do it.  Using the most recently used apps is a good idea, but something is still lacking there.  Only certain apps seem to stick to the top. 


    15.  Contact List Details.  I don't seem a lot call details unless I search for it.  Would be nice to be able to shrink font sizes globally and add call details such as time received/sent next to the name and number in the recent call window. 


    16.  More standard themes/colours.  Or at least have the ability to download some more directly from a safe MS location.  More trial or free software downloads other than ringtones, and soduku.  I don't like playing solitaire - next gen standard game should be poker or something. 



    That's all for now.  I love MS office and how it integrates documents better than RIM.  Would love to be able to play videos in asf/wmv, avi, mov, mpg formats seamlessly with all codec supports and without lag. 


    Thanks MS,




    Saturday, August 11, 2007 6:22 AM
  • Bluetooth just does not work on WM6! I am using a Sprint Moghul or PPC-6800. All Bluetooth headsets are garbled on the other end. I can hear them well enough but everyone else says my voice is unintelligible. All my headsets work on every other phone I've tried them with! Numerous people report the same issue and neither Sprint, ATC or Microsoft seem to be doing anything. Time to take a good look at the Iphone!


    Wednesday, September 12, 2007 12:34 PM