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  • Hi all,

    I Wonder if it possible to transfer files from shared folder into compute nodes - make the computation , and return to other shared folder the result files  - I wrote a simple demo for explain what I want to do -

    I made input folder on shared folder with 100 files ,
    and also output folder for output zipped files -

    I want  that every node that will compress files from input folder into zipped file at output folder , will do it on its local storage , not in the shared folder .(every node that  execute compress task - will copy input files into its local disk , zip the files and copy zipped file into output folder , I think it called Node Preparation and a Node Release ).

    //Create Test Files on shared storage
                CreateTestFiles(@"\\\data_transfer\Test\Input", 100);
                    job = scheduler.CreateJob();
                    string outputFolder = @"\\\data_transfer\Test\Output\";
                    string inputFolder = @"\\\data_transfer\Test\Input";
                    string executable = @"..\..\testers\zip.exe";
                    task = job.CreateTask();
                    task.CommandLine = executable + " testFileNum*.txt " + outputFolder + "file*.zip";
                    task.IsParametric = true;
                    task.StartValue = 1;
                    task.EndValue = 5;
                    task.IncrementValue = 1;
                    task.WorkDirectory = inputFolder;
                    job.OnTaskState += TaskStateCallback;
                    job.OnJobState += JobStateCallback;
                    scheduler.SubmitJob(job, @"MSHPC\shai-s", null);
                catch (Exception e)

    Best Regards
    Wednesday, December 16, 2009 2:56 PM


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