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  • ONECARE IS ONE OF THE FEW GREAT PRODUCTS MICROSOFT HAVE COME UP WITH IN THE LAST 10 YEARS!!!  They spent the last 5 trying to foist the disastrous Vista on an unenthusiastic customer base, finally acknowledging this folly with the rapid introduction of 7.  Now they are discontinuing OneCare, a fantastic product that makes ownership of a PC so much easier for so many people.  I've got to admit its got me thinking MAC.  There seems to be a brain trust at MAC that listen to their customer base and constantly innovate to accomodate their feedback.  Microsoft seem to listen to no one but themselves.  In OneCare they have a product that is a one stop shop for most day to day PC and PC network maintenance, management and security needs, a product that nobody else has come up with, a product that is extremely popular with it's customers... hey let's discontinue that!  What a bunch of stupid, arrogant numbskulls!!  Bill Gates if you are listening... please come back and sort out this troubled company before it is too late!
    Friday, April 9, 2010 9:46 PM

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  • Put quite simply, OneCare was nothing but a big massive patch to fix some of the things that were missing or working badly in Windows XP, which was the only operating system being sold at the time it originally released.

    When those responsible for Windows os development realized this was why everyone liked OneCare, they finally fixed or added most of these features in Windows 7.  Then Microsoft also created Microsoft Security Essentials, a free replacement for the antimalware portion of OneCare and released it ahead of Windows 7 late last year.

    So rather than lament the loss of OneCare, smart people are either upgrading or replacing their PC with Windows 7, which gives them all of these features and many more built into the operating system itself, removing the need to continually pay for a separate program that does these things.

    Those who choose to hold onto Windows XP have many third-party security and utility applications available to choose from, so Microsoft has simply decided to get out of that business and concentrate on what they should have been in the first place, continually improving the Windows operating system to remove the need for patch-on programs to 'fix' the os.

    That's called 'innovation'.


    Saturday, April 10, 2010 4:16 AM