i have 3 coa's and none work RRS feed

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  • well microsoft you have done it this time i have 3 coas (2 home and 1 pro ) have tryed mey differnt ways to be genuine and i do understand your reasions for doing wga ut this is now going to far if you where so concerned about piracy you whould have made xp with a add on rom card with a hard wired coa :) but i know disks and codes are cheaper  , but this the way it is going is just crazy i have been i avid follower since the days of win 3.1 and dos 5 and i think this situation whan a hacked copy is better to use than what you are doing is bad for you , and to be truefull i am sereasly considering going to linex, i know i may well be at the bottem of the ladder to what you usally deal with (on carers alowance getting £80 a week) and i can not affored to mess about with buying a new os when i already have coa's hologram disks etc (which i do have) i do think you majer problem is in the fact that you have so meny different versions of xp (all  with different coa ) and the coa's are not compatable with different disks etc at least me / 9x used a clear code that worked with all ver's of the same type , i think the worse thing is but i am now forced to reinstall evey 30 day's just to be gunuine and mess about with my pc even though i have genuine coa's and disks and the pirated version works better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Monday, August 7, 2006 7:36 PM


  • If you have a non-genuine version of Windows XP Professional, you'll need a valid Product Key for a "Full Version" of Windows XP Professional in order to change the Product Key.  Do you, in fact, have a genuine "Full Version" Windows XP Professional Product Key?
    Monday, August 7, 2006 11:57 PM