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  • This weekend the Xbox 360 finally arrives in the UAE. While it has been available in Europe, America and Japan for a few months, gamers in the UAE have been forced to wait patiently (or pay inflated prices for a foreign import console).

    Has it been worth the wait? Budget-conscious consumers will be pleased that it costs around Dh700 less than the PS3. But tech-heads will be disappointed that it can’t quite measure up to Sony’s powerhorse in the specification department.

    Here comes the science: games consoles are powered by a processor in the same way a computer is. The processor in the Xbox 360 is slightly slower than the PS3 and speed-lovers will look towards the Sony machine to get their fix.

    Having said that, graphics are reaching such a level that the gaming experience is more important than the consoles’ power. And that means games.

    Unlike the days when Sonic The Hedgehog was the mark of a Sega machine and Mario was the face of Nintendo there is currently no clear standout characters for the Xbox 360. But this selection of games are the early stars...

    Ninety-Nine Nights
    Fantasy action in the mode of Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons. Take on huge armies or orcs, trolls and various other beasts in a melee that can soon see your kill count going into the thousands. Realism is swept aside in a single slash of your giant sword and you will find yourself immersed in the battle and letting out your own war cries before you’ve reached the second level.

    Dead or Alive: Extreme 2
    If you are the sort of person who may be offended by bikini-clad teenagers frolicking around on the beach by day before going to the casino at night, steer well clear of this truly bizarre title. The packaging advises that the game is better suited to the over-12s but strong themes and visuals of scantily-clad beach babes make it unsuitable for a more conservative audience. But if you are determined to try it, you’ll find yourself checked into a hotel full of fighting females who want nothing more than to give you gifts and play volleyball with you.

    Fusion Frenzy 2
    Achingly simple, mind-numbingly addictive and blindingly bright, this is a game you will love or hate. You will love it if you are the sort of person who spends hours clicking away at Snake on your mobile phone and hate it if you have more than half a brain and an attention span longer than a McDonald’s commercial. There is a loose plot that sees you take on all-challengers in a futuristic game show but the fun comes from mastering the 40 or so mini-games. Like Pac-man for hyperactive seven-year-olds.

    Gears of War
    Possibly the most macho video game ever made. The certificate 18 rating means this is not for kids at all, but even the most bloodthirsty adults will wince at the sight of guns and the bulging manliness of everything in this game. Control a squadron of soldiers who are tough enough to make the Terminator seem like a ballet dancer and do battle with mutated giant locusts from space.

    Thursday, April 26, 2007 12:09 PM