Getting Confuse on the way to properly use E-mail router and Outlook client RRS feed

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  • Dear all,

    I am a bit confuse on the proper way to workd and handle incomin email in CRm.

    Actually all my sales users of CRM have OUtlook client install on theire PC as well as the CRM client for Outlook.
    Based on that they can receive email from Outlook client and set them as beeing manually or automatically tracked inorder to be placed in CRM as an Activities.

    Then in paralelle we have the E-mail router functionnalities which can be used.

    I have understand that using the E-mail router is god for bulk email or send as a group of users but what makes me confuse is that you can define in 2 places where and how users handle incoming and outgoing email ( Outlook and CRm)


    Based on that what is the correct way to used it ?

    For exemple, I have a general Info mail box which collect all incoming email from our contact form in our web site. Those email are only seen in CRM when you look in Queues

    Then by defining a user profile in E-mail router configuration, you can also record in CRm users email pushed as well in a Queue and at the same time sales sees there email from outlook.

    So it is hard to explain them where should they look for , CRM Queues or Outlook ?

    Could you help me clarify the best process approach ?

    Thnaks for help


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    Monday, August 29, 2011 4:23 PM


  • I went through the same process and finally figured out the solution a few days ago.

    The CRM must have the email router configured for the CRM to do anything with unsubscribing, queues, forwarding, and pretty much anything else that is related to managing email in CRM. Essentially, if you want the CRM to be able to "look" at emails the CRM Email Router has to be configured properly.

    CRM for Outlook is strictly for sending emails and integrating some features of CRM to Outlook. Configuring CRM isn't a "either outlook for CRM" or "Email router" thing. Configuring CRM is configuring the Email Router and then adding CRM for outlook if your employees or you want it.


    Short Answer:

    • CRM for Outlook; Integrates CRM to send email, that's it.
    • Email Router; Allows unsubscribe to properly work, queues, forwarding, and anything to do with email functionality in CRM.

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