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  • Ok, I don't see this discussed when I do a search, sorry if it's been addressed.


    When you originally use the connector cd and setup the PC I don't want to do a full backup the first time. The sum of my data on all of my household pcs is greater than the sum of my server storage. So I'd like to see a flexible configuration wizard. Currently I only see a 'exclude folders' option. I would like to see a standard pulldown when I double click a drive without selecting it's checkbox, then I can choose what I want to include, not just exclude. As in Windows SBS and other backup utilities, I'd like the option to just save the system state and have the necessary files and folders needed for a basic windows restore pointed out for me. By this I mean I want an image that restores windows and my programs. I'm assuming most users will not be savvy users and the home server should be able to show me what's needed for a minimal restore.


    Finally, I don't see how I can have more than one password for the home server, it forces me to create a password for my client pcs but I still need the original home server password. I'd like to have that password just for me, the admin, and I can create additional passwords for user purposes to connect, just like an invitation password. Maybe user account expiry date.

    Example, a friend comes over with a laptop and wants on my network, I have a 'public' share, they are public. I don't want to give them my password, maybe I'm not even there and it's a friend of my spouse's. So they tell me their logon username and I setup the account and give them an invitation password. I set the expiry and incase I forget to disable their account. Quick and easy.


    Wednesday, March 28, 2007 1:40 AM


  • The sum of all the data on your home PCs will shrink remarkably as you back them up. WHS uses a technique called Single Instance Storage to reduce the total amount of data backed up. It works by comparing each cluster on a client PC with every cluster already in the backup store on WHS. If it finds a match, there's no need to back that particular cluster up. As a result, most operating system and application files tend to only exist once on WHS. Give it a try and see what happens.

    User accounts: WHS has a local administrator account. That's the password it forces you to create as part of the installation process. Then it has additional user accounts, which should match the accounts your family members use, both name and password (with the understanding that WHS requires a password at this point). Users don't all share the administrator account.

    Your friend would simply use the guest account to access shares on WHS.

    You'll find a lot of information about WHS (including information about configuring user accounts) in the documentation that you can download from Connect. I really suggest you read it.
    Wednesday, March 28, 2007 2:24 AM