HUGE Problem with Vista + Genuine Advantage support. Cannot recommend Vista! RRS feed

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  • Greetings,
    There is a huge problem with Vista Genuine Advantage that requires immediate Microsoft attention.

    The period between 3pm Sunday and 8am Monday morning has no support coverage and therefore denies usage of PC's using Microsoft Vista Operating Systems between this time.

    Should a problem with Product Key- say overseas piracy/key generation, erroneous Microsoft invalidation, etc.etc. occur on a Sunday, the user will be locked out of their PC until the following Monday.

    We had this problem and discovered this huge issue.  I'm thankful we have not moved forward with the 500+ deployment and insisted on the 6 month evaluation period for a few workstations.  Given this massive problem, we cannot move forward nor recommend others to migrate to Vista until this problem is resolved.

    The example problem-
    Any version of Vista, product key/activation issue on Sunday post-3pm when Microsoft's Product Key support service is no longer available.  Microsoft Activation numbers do not have the power or ability to rectify these problem- only activate product keys that need phone activation; no support for product key issues.

    PC's with this issue that require product key service will be forced to reduced functionality mode until the upcoming Monday.  This is unacceptable for business or home/business use.

    This pretty much makes Vista an unacceptable solution for business or personal use until this issue is rectified.  Had this been known or public information prior, we would have never motioned for the migration to Vista.  We will most definitely put all our migration plans on hold until there is some answer on this huge issue.

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