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  • Ever since I have installed Windows 10 it feels like it's been an ongoing battle to stop any kind of file syncing. I feel like evertyime I plug in a thumbdrive Windows decides to take files with similar names and do with them as it wishes based on dated of modification. It's almost as if there is a script that runs behind the scenes that messes with stuff. 

    I would use file history but that worsened the situation. If someone hopes on my computer and deletes a whole paragraph from my papers that I have built over the course of years, Windows keeps the most recent modified one which now is missing my work. 

    I understand that microsoft wants to eliminate or reduce redundancy but I want to decide my files and how they are stored, saved, and backed-up, not synced. Some edits I make on one device I may not want changed elsewhere. 

    My contacts have been screwed up, my journals, resumes, almost every bit of what I use my PC for has been screwed by the "service" that Windows 10 wants to be. 

    Is there a way to STOP every bit of automation and syncing of files in windows? I want Windows to be an Operating System not a service. Or is there a way to manage files without windows involvement? Like I want to do my own consolidation of files and documents without Windows touching them. 

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