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  • First, hello and thank you for any and all responses...

    To start I am an absolute newb and learning C# to try and start making apps for personal and business reasons. That and it would help to stop being the developers nightmare (I'm a sofware sales rep). :-) I have no plans of being a professional coder, but would like to be able to create some ideas and express them to "real" developers. I enjoy the business side of things and working towards that MBA.

    As I have been reading various forums here and around the internet, I have been wondering about "When do you upgrade Visual Studio.NET"? I assume there is no standard rule, but should you migrate along from 2.0 to 3.0 to 4.0 ect... or do you tend to stick with one level and migrate only when needed skipping version? I know MS would prefer you upgrade on a steady basis, but when does it become best too?

    Consider this a philosophical question of generally when do you upgrade or what would you recommend? (I am using VS.NET 2008 Professional - thanks MS Dreamspark!)

    Thanks in advance and hopefully I'll learn enough to bother the group more later...

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