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  • Dear All,

    We use microsoft CRM 3.0 and we want to run the salesprocess in opportunity. when the sales update their salesprocess which table are update too?

    For example I have Salesprocess like this :

    1. Preparing Tender

        -  Get Form of tender

        - Preparing & send Doc.

    2. Tender

        - Create Proposal

        - Send Proposal

    3. Negotiation

        - Wait for the info for the winner

    For your information in opportunity table there is field 'StepId' and 'StepName',

    this stepid safed the id of stepproces and stename is the header process (Preparing tender, tender, negotiation)

    this field will be upadated when we update the header of step of salesprocess but i didn't find if we update of the child salesprocess.

    I already explore the database and i guess some of the table like : WFAction, WfProcess, Wfstep etc its used, but i don't know yet the relationship of the table and which table is used. Does anyone know which table will be save or use and the link of the table when we update salesprocess in opportunity of microsoft CRM 3.0 ??

    thanks all........................

    Monday, December 5, 2011 4:19 AM