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  • Hi everyone

    Since IE10 got installed we experience this problem on many machines. The Outlook client suddenly forgets it was logged in, and users get the ADFS login page *everytime* when they open a CRM item in Outlook. And logging in on that page won't work. Also the CRM ribbon's contents are replaced with a single line of text that goes like: An error occurred while retrieving a page from the CRM server.

    The only (short-lived) cure is to disconnect & re-logon Windows.

    We've noticed that this happens most frequently when users open and close IE in the midst of an Outlook session. As if the IE instance resets some CRM-related cookie of the Outlook instance. We've made users install Firefox to get around this, but it still happens.

    Here's the specifics of our CRM installation.

    1) On-premise UR14
    2) ADFS+IFD
    3) All clients using Outlook
    4) Outlook clients configured with the IFD URL regardless if external or intranet users (we have added a manual dns record: https://crm_org.mycorp1.com:8443/)
    5) ADFS listening on 443/https, CRM listening on 8443/https and 8081/http
    6) CRM server not on the same domain as the logon domain for users (since the logon domain is Samba-based)

    Of those points I don't see any real problem. Yes, we're working to migrate everyone on the CRM's domain since Samba is too old and clunky to manage.

    Any help on this?

    We're really getting mad around this, my coworker has just begun to revert affected machines to IE9 in a desperate attempt to solve this, but everyone everywhere knows it's not a good solution.

    Thank you

    Tuesday, October 29, 2013 11:55 AM