none violates copyright owner author, Journal legal rights by a link to from profiles.


  • violates copyright-owner-author, Journal legal rights by a link to from profiles.
    If a profile is already linked to the copyright owners' University, organization site by a confirmed link; keeping a link only takes clicks away to unnecessary site which lists many worthless unknown people from unknown company violating legal rights. is nothing to do with my valuable copyrighted content. What on earth my lifetime copyrighted work is abused to advertise worthless weird photos, worthless pages.

    The main aim of is to develop an internet search engine function for Journals, better than is found failed, not functioning properly for journals, that is why the's, or its alias domains are developed by internet engineers. freely reaches to the established Journals. The Journal maintenance, money source is from the authors. I studied, I had highest degrees/educations/valuable-Diplomas, certifications; I paid big money to peer-reviewed Journals from my US tax-paid grant money of my hard work. If failures continue to infringe upon my legal rights, should pay to me for even disturbing, wasting my valuable expensive time on technology crimes, the crime-links to Only illegitimates will fail to understand how failed technology vandalizes author legal rights.

    Major search engines, such as also has scholarly developed search engines for academic needs (Scholar, as of today despite some problems, far better than's scholar sites, such as,

    Fortunately, xxx  never puts an unnecessary link.
    Luckily, many mistakes of technology files are found to be correct/original when the original Journal sites visited to find the original papers. Fortunately, illegality of technology, never reachable to original Journal sites; and, Copyright Infringement law in action in United State of America for years.

    That technology changes the legal declared citations of a paper is a big big big crime, as I already mentioned on my older feedback. Ignoring that harms original Journal Citations is a big big crime. should pay some money to the authors for each click on profiles; because abuses profiles to promote unnecessary search engine with all weird/worthless URLs/photos.

    In conclusions, the link on confirmed profiles should be removable if preferred by the authors.

    Note: I already e-mailed this suggestion to web developers/support 2 years ago, but nothing changed so far. The unnecessary link is there to take clicks away to violate rights.

    That without any legal reason abuses profiles with useless link only proves how violates copyrights. returnes many identity-thief profiles from etc.

    Recently, again another weird worthless person photo shows next to my valuable legal e-mail, my valuable legal phone number. should pay to me money for violating my legal rights, for wasting my valuable time on its returned worthless people, for trying weird people next to my valuable phone number, e-mail.

    So what, When asked from my number, I declare that such worthless photos are nothing to do with my copyrighted content, with my valuable e-mail, or number. gives me legal right to openly declare how worthless such pages. only proves that does not know what law is, violates copyrights, violates internet law with worthless people.

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014 4:14 PM